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So! Welcome to the Portfolio of Scott Jason Cohen!

I've been doing Web design for the better part of 5 years. Of course, back then it wasn't "Web design" as much as it was "put some crap out on the Web for 5 people to see." However, I've adapted well. Sort of.

Now I do this for a living. And I'd like to do it for you. So hire me, give me bennies and a great salary, and I'll write wonderful stuff like this for you.

Um...what do I go for with my design stuff? Well, to be honest, I haven't had any formal training in this, except for one class in grad school which I breezed through. So there will be no jargon here. I go for maximum immediate appeal that hooks 'em in, followed by mesmerizing content to keep 'em there.

Um...And I'm funny. Don't let this fool you. I'm the perfect office worker, too! But one of my conditions of hire is that you have decent coffee. I can't STAND bad coffee. And croissants - there must be an Au Bon Pain nearby, otherwise I detox. Um, other than that, I'm pretty flexible.

So you got your navbar there on the left. Take a looksee.

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