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...there was this planet. Now this planet was teeming with life - I mean, just fucking overflowing, man, like you couldn't believe. I mean, there were dinosaurs and wooly mammoths and thingamajobbers and all sorts of weird shit, and the thing was, it was all kept at a balance, because it was Nature and Chaos, right, but it was freely flowing Nature and Chaos, the system regulated itself. So some of this life - and I'm talking about our friendly two-legged primates here, you know, the people we call Adam and Eve or our genetic ancestors or whatever shit you come up with - realized it had a disadvantage, 'cause they didn't have teeth or claws or nothing, they were pretty fucking useless. So one of them decided that all this Chaos was really cramping their style, so they created Law and Order and started hampering the Chaos, which was good for them as a species, 'cause they were really getting fucking trounced. Okay, so you've seen 2001, right? Like with the part when the apeguy picks up a bone and starts cracking skulls? Well, yeah, that's what happened, and they built towns and they created agriculture and Civilization. And they thanked Law and Order for what they had gotten. But they started thanking Law and Order so much they forgot all about Nature and Chaos, you know, the shit that gave them life in the first place - really fucking ungrateful. So Nature tried to get their attention, and Chaos tried to stir things up, but the more they pushed, the harder the primates tried to bring Law and Order to everything. And it kept going and going and pretty soon there was nothing but Law and Order, and people were raised to ignore Nature and Chaos, in fact, they were raised to believe that their natural urges were sins, and that Man was the Master of the Earth, and everything was under His fucking control. And they keep looking - they keep trying to Order everything, and they're so wrapped up in these Lawful and Orderly cocoons they miss everything that's around them, and hurricanes rage and volcanoes erupt and people go bonkers and take Prozac to fight that feeling that something's wrong, and Law and Order has turned into Power and Fear, and the people just keep going along, chugging, never realizing that they're just particles, subatomic particles, subject to the same "natural laws" that they put on atoms, except there's an Uncertainty Principle, you see, and Law and Order is seeing that they can't be sure of everything, that there's Chaos, that life is this dance, that we're all players in this game called Existance, and hell, there just might be a better way to live.