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25 Questions About Alex Massie

By way of explanation:

Alexis Massie is someone whose work I greatly respect. Good writer, and just the right touch of acerbic personality. Now, Alexis (or Alex or Lexi or Keyser Soze or whatever) has a little club on Yahoo! The topic of discussion was the Clinton debacle. Someone rightly said that she was sick of the whole thing and the conversation should end. I, in my infinite wisdom, decided to shift the conversation of the club to its ostensible topic: Alexis Massie.

Here, then, are the questions I have posed about her.

Who is she?
What is she made of?
Does she keep her belly button clean?
Does she chew her pen nervously?
Why the hell does she write so much and put it out for everyone to see?
What does she smell like?
Is she a Banana Republic, Gap, or Old Navy type of gal?
Does she hate being called "gal"?
Is she introverted, extroverted, or perverted?
Has she ever had a punk rock song written about her?
Is she really part of a secret "elite" Web cabal that crushes all opposition under their bootheel?
How come she's mentioned in the Starr Report?
Has she been corrupted by Bert?
If she fell in the woods and no one was around, would she make a sound?
Is she magically delicious?
Did she give the order to bomb Iraq?
How many Alex Massies could fit on the head of a pin?
How many licks does it take to get to the center of her?
How come she looks completely different in every picture?
Will there ever come a day when she stops working the Web?
What's with the restraining orders?
Does she dream in color or black-and-white?
Was she the inspiration for one of George Bernard Shaw's characters?
Did she shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die?
And what's the deal with peanuts?

Several people have posited their own answers to these questions. If you have any answers, send 'em over.

And Alex Massie has been strangely silent.