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This is what was. This is who I once presented myself as. This was Xstasis.

Web pages are very easy to change. It's a realm of personae - you can present any face to the world you want to. And, for about six months in 1998, this was the face I wore.

I had a personal page for a while, but this was the first one I felt comfortable showing to the world - heavily advertising, putting in my .sig file, wanting the world to see. There's a lot of good stuff in here - stuff that I am proud of. Obviously, since I choose to keep it here.

Xstasis was all about breaking free, escaping the binds of what I was and turning into something new. Heavy-handed and pretensious, I know, but what happened here got me through a turbulent period of my life.

And I'm proud to share it with you, so you can see the awkward steps of a person becoming what they should be.

Welcome to Xstasis.