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I'm trying to decide what I want from the Web.

I'm quite enamored with it right now. Of course, this may be because I'm spending most of my day surfing the Web (as opposed to, oh, say, working) and I'm slowly learning the history of The Personal Home Page, whatever the hell that is.

Maybe I'll just be really obnoxious and put pictures of my cats up. Maybe I'll post my recipes for egg tartar. Maybe I'll take nude pictures of myself and post them.

Yeah, that last one gave me chills, too.

So here I am, 25 years old, almost 26, just quit this temp assignment I've had since I was forcibly removed from grad school, just found a place outside of Boston so I'm going back to suburbanite mode, finally getting back on track with my writing (I finally had a goddamn idea for a screenplay that excites me)...

...most of my friends are wondering what the hell is wrong with me since I've been in a supremely bitchy mood as of late. I'd like to say it's them and that they're too damn loud when I'm trying to go do sleep and there are too many people in the apartment at one time (5 of us in a three-bedroom. Yeah.) and I just don't have any time alone.

If any of you are reading this...well, that's partially true.

But the main reason I've been a seething ball of stress lately is that for the first time in my life, I feel like I'm in control. No one's making the decisions for me, no one's in charge of my destiny but me.

If there's one things my tenure as a temp has taught me, it's that I am not fit for wage slavery. I cannot handle a corporate lifestyle. I need to create. And yet, I need to make a living.

The solution seems obvious, yah?

Thus my stirring for Web design as of late. Of course, I might change my tune when I'm a webmonkey for Barnes and Noble or some shit like that, but who knows...and, of course, without Photoshop, I'm kinda up shit's creek. (These pages ain't all HTML because of design considerations, after all. I can't wait to learn Java and make all your lives a living hell.)

By the way, if anyone remotely connected to the entertainment industry is reading this, give me a job. I want to create. It's been my life's goal to write the screenplay for Batman and Robin vs. El Santo.

I realize that none of this is remotely coherent. That's what skipped is for me - just a place to let it all hang out. Elemental mind. is the collaborative, hardcore writing site. Lunatic Missive is where my mojo goes when my mojo goes crazy. This...skipped is just my voice, my words, my thoughts, pouring out into the ether. The comforting thing is that I don't know if anyone's listening.

But that's okay. It's beside the point.