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Who the hell are you?
I'm Scott J. Cohen, entrepreneur and freelance ninja! (The J stands for "jenius.")

Okay, give us that oh-so-compelling biographical data.
Birthdate: Sept. 29, 1972
Birthplace: Pontiac, Michigan
Family: One mom, one dad, one sis, one bro
Where I've Lived: Oak Park, MI; Tamarac, FL; Plantation, FL; Gainesville, FL; Plantation, FL (again - ugh); Boston, MA; Newton, MA.
So there.

Have we spoken before?
I dunno. Did you get email from Or perhaps Or even If you talked to me when I was Pred, Mr. E, or any other of my early BBS handles, back away slowly - I've known you too long.

So what's the deal? What do you do?
Um...I'm a writer. And a filmmaker. And an actor. And a comedian. Of sorts.

So you get paid for this?
Oh, you're funny!

How do you make money?
The glamorous, high-stakes world of temping. For now. You're welcome to hire me. Really. You are. Please.

Are you single, you swinging little mummalard?
Nope! Not by a longshot! I am entwined, entombed, and otherwise entangled with Lena, my numero-uno gal. Sorry to disappoint you - I would have loved to see that inner tube.

Have you ever had a nude scene in a parody of Star Trek that was posted on the UF VAX cluster?
Yes. (For the record, I'm LT. SVEN.)

Do you delight in being a mummalard?
We have to be happy with the cards we're dealt, right?

Do you have anything else to say?


Nothing at all?
Nope. I'm content. How are you?

Don't look at me.

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